Delivering Improvement to Realise Your Business Potential

Extracts from a Change Management lecture recently given by Frank Shaw to an audience of over 500 demonstrates our ethos for delivering success.  For further information please email frankshaw@famas.co.uk. or call him on 0844 357 0440

Wherever your business is in terms of reaching its full potential, we will enable you to deliver more of that potential.  Our business improvement programmes are relevant to you if your business turnover exceeds a million pounds.

You are offered initial consultation and surveys to identify the opportunities and develop the route forward without fees or commitment. To ensure affordability, project fees can be based on sharing the actual benefit after the business improvement has been delivered.

30 Years successful experience ranges from helping small businesses double their profits to leading major change management and restructuring international corporations.  Such changes obviously enhance the value of your business.

Each programme is individually tailored, ensuring your needs are precisely met, using a blend of proprietary and established techniques.  Our professional approach is reliably consistent and confidential.

A well developed international network of expertise is employed as necessary to enable us to identify and deliver the substantial opportunities that are available within your business.

The holistic approach ensures that the processes, people and systems become more effective, balanced and co-ordinated.  The participative style ensures acceptance and establishes internal capabilities for you to sustain the improvement process.  

Contact us now to start to explore the potential for your business improvement in terms of profitability and business value.


 148 Castle Hill Road, Totternhoe, Bedfordshire. LU6 1QG 


Start to explore the potential for your business improvement by contacting FAMAS on

0844 357 0440  or e-mail frankshaw@famas.co.uk







Start to realise the potential of your business, e-mail frankshaw@famas.co.uk or call  0844 357 0440 


Please click on the picture above to view the Powerpoint slides used for our  recent SME Marketing Presentation




Start to explore the potential for your business now by e-mailing frankshaw@famas.co.uk or calling 0844 357 0440